Team Waveney walk for water challenge


Four women from Stuston in Suffolk, and their children are embarking on water carrying challenge, from Monday the 30th of July to Friday the 3rd of August 2018. Their unique challenge, is to walk the same distance women and children in African walk daily, to collect water. The team, called Team Waveney will attempt to carry quantity of water, equivalent to what people in Africa carry on their water fetching duty.

Team Waveney walk for water project was the brainchild of Tara Darrall, who discussed the idea with her friends Katie, Sophie and Suzanne. With three more women signed up to the challenge, the four women invited their children and friends to join the team.

Team Waverney walk for water challenge

Team Waveney walk for water itinerary

Team Waveney walk for water itinerary

Walking for water to fundraise for water charity is not unique, but Team Waveney’s variation to this popular water poverty advocacy is different. The team will carry a quantity of water, similar to that carried by a group of people, on their daily water fetching task in West Africa. Here is how Tara Darrall explain the challenge

“Team Waveney will walk every morning between Monday 30th July and Friday 3rd August 2018. Each day the distance will increase reflecting the varying distance the women and children of the Ivory Coast and Nigeria have to walk to their water sources.”

The team will walk half way and collect vessels weighing equivalent to the water collected by Abike, Termin, Mariam and Olushola, who will be walking the distances for real on the same days as Team Waveney. “

Apart from the valuable funds the team will raise for Hope Spring, Tara and her team are quite keen to highlight the fact that access to clean water is a human right. This excerpt was taken from Team Waveney walk for water challenge page “Despite the United Nations declaring in 2010 that access to safe water was a Human Right and extending this to include safe sanitation in 2015, there is a lot of work to do to achieve this as part of the WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) targets set out in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG -6).

How you can help Team Waveney walk for water challenge

Hope Spring will be tweeting and posting messages about Team Waveney water challenge on our social media pages daily. You can support them by commenting on the post and encouraging the team.

You can make a donation to their fundraising by visiting their donation page on BT MyDonate.
You can leave them a message of support on Team Waveney walk for water page.
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