End to period poverty in England

End to period poverty in England

Today, many girls and women in Nigeria face various forms of abuse and stigmatization during menstruation. What should be a natural cycle and a proud moment for the girls, turn out to be their most dreadful period.
#PadAGirl Initiative is a project borne out of the need to empower young girls and women who are going through various form of stigmatization, abuse and health challenges as a result of their natural monthly cycle. The initiative is geared to end deep-rooted taboos, myths and misinformation on menstruation in Nigeria and most developing countries.
In partnership with Lady Care, Hope Spring Water will be organizing a menstrual hygiene management workshop in Nigeria. Ifako community in Lagos State, will be hosting the first phase of this project in Nigeria
Menstruation is not a taboo. It’s in our hands to end the myths. Be the change agent.
Ifako Town Hall, Ifako Community, Lagos State, Nigeria

28 September 2017

10am – 12pm




Lady Care Nigeria

For most poor and vulnerable girls in Nigeria, as signs of menstruation gets close, it serves as a constant reminder of the oncoming abuse and stigmatization they are about to face.

For most girls in Nigeria, menstruation is a dream-killer because they never get to attend schools during menstruation. According to UNESCO, 1 out of 10 African girls miss school during their menstrual period and eventually drop out of school

Poor and vulnerable girls who cannot afford a good menstrual pad, they rely on old rags and leaves as alternatives. There is no gainsaying the detrimental health impacts caused by these unhygienic practices

Some girls are sexually abused in their quest to look for money to buy menstrual pads.

Poor menstrual hygiene has a negative effect on the education and health of women and girls in Nigeria

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