Make a donation this Giving Tuesday to Hope Spring Water and help fund water projects, menstrual hygiene and sanitation outreaches in Africa. 100% of the donation you make, and an added 10% match will go to Hope Spring water when you make a donation between 06:00 on Tuesday 3 December 2019.

Reasons why you should donate to Hope Spring this Giving Tuesday

1. Hope Spring is a charity organisation founded to help vulnerable and underprivileged children and rural communities

2. The organization has succeeded in digging boreholes and well for water lacking communities in Africa

3.Through it’s pad bank initiative established since 2017, about 10,000 women’s lives has been touched in the access to safe menstrual materials

4. A public toilet was constructed in a toilet lacking community in Osun State in its contribution to the Clean Nigeria campaign

5. Several menstrual hygiene workshop and outreaches to help young girls manage their menstruation hygienically has been organised to ensure no one is left behind

6. We tell the stories of communities without water, and sanitation issues so that the government can come to their aid

7. Hope Spring organise hand washing sensitization campaign to teach children and adults the importance of hand washing. We also partner with various organisations with similar objectives

8. Through it’s newest initiative, SuS pad, 20 girls and two women have been trained to make their own reusable cloth pads so as to alleviate period poverty

9. Establishment of WASH clubs in school, To ensure young children know the importance of Water, sanitation and hygiene Wash clubs are established.This is functional is 6 schools in Abuja

10. Hope Spring in conjunction with other WASH organizations are working towards accountability in the WASH sector through the Keep your promise Campaign

Help promote the amazing work we do by donating to support Hope Spring Water charity foundation in it quest towards providing clean safe water, sanitation facilities and girls/women empowerment programs this Giving Tuesday

To donate, please go to :

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