Hope Spring Kongbari water project expanded after four years


Hope Spring Water recorded a success story from the Kongbari Water project done four years ago. Kongari is a rural community in Kwara State with severe water needs. In 2016, Hope Spring Water came to their aid by repairing and upgrading their damaged borehole.

Often times after a few years a project is done, the project becomes abandoned by the community as a result of poor maintenance culture. Interestingly, Kongbari community water project not only serves a source of water for thousands of people and homes but also became self sustaining.

“Kongbari community expanded the 7,500 litre capacity Hope Spring created in 2016 to 10,000 litre capacity by 2020”

A visit to the project site on Sunday February 22 2020 by Hope Spring Water Charity revealed how this community has expanded the water project for a better and sustainable service to the community.

A Community leader named Mallam Saka Iyanda praises Hope Spring Water charity for coming to their rescue when they felt all hope was lost. The project was also described ‘’as a dream come true for the lives of the community’’ The community has gotten a generating set to pump water when there’s no power supply. The community also maintains the borehole through constant repairs.

The community project supervisor Comrade Lukman Ahmed said ‘’The generator purchase and proper maintenance of the project has not only improve the service of the borehole but has also expanded the service capacity of the borehole’’

Mubarak Oladosu, a member of Hope Spring board of trustees commended the community for making Hope Spring proud. He also encouraged other communities benefiting from Hope Spring Water Charity to emulate the Kongbari community.

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