Global water partnership featured Hope Spring water in the water change-maker nomination. About 350 individuals and groups submitted their application for influencing water decisions to build climate resilience. The aim of the award is to recognise organisations, teams and groups who have influenced water decision to build climate resilience. Also creating a platform where water changers across the globe can learn from each other.

Organisations and teams were called to submit their change story to qualify for the award. Mentioning how they have contributed to changing water management by changing mindset by taking advocacy actions and changing laws and policies etc.

 As a non-profit organization that has made a huge impact in providing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for underprivileged communities in Nigeria Hope Spring submitted its story on how it has been addressing water poverty with a human right advocacy approach through #ClaimYourWaterRights campaign. Hope Spring made it to the 2nd round of WaterChangeMaker award.

The ClaimYourWaterights team has made use of radio advocacy to sensitize citizens on their human right to water and how to demand this right from the government. They also made various surveys on the state of WASH in health care facilities. While engaging the necessary bodies in charge. 

The #ClaimYourWaterRight team experienced its first advocacy success after a series of advocacy visits and engagement with Enugu ministry of water resources and water board. The Enugu State government declared a state of emergency in its WASH sector and has promised to increase water accessibility in Enugu state through the AFD project which is intended to last for 5 years. The team continues to monitor this project to ensure it is done and people of Enugu have access to clean water.


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