Soroptimist SIGBI donates to Hope Spring Water Charity

Soroptimist SIGBI donates to Hope Spring Water Charity

Soroptimist SIGBI invited Hope Spring Water to discuss how they’ve impacted women and girls around the world at Hereford District meeting held on 18 September 2019.This meeting was attended by Hope Spring trustees Peter Dowsett and Temi Odurinde who were able to share how Hope Spring Water NGR have positively impacting the lives of women and girls, and our plans to do even more in years to come.

Hope Spring Water has positively impacted women in the WASH (Water, sanitation and Hygiene) sector. Particularly women in rural communities. Boreholes and well are built for schools and unprivileged communities to give them access to clean, safe water. Workshops are organised on hand washing, Open Defecation and menstrual hygiene. More than 6000 women’s lives have been touched in it’s pad bank initiative since its inception in 2017 in a bid to end pad poverty. Inter school quiz competitions and essay writing are conducted to test students knowledge of WASH and to build WASH champions, to ensure it’s continuity WASH clubs are established in schools.

Speaking to Hope Spring communication officer, Bolu Olorunfemi about the presentation, Temi Odurinde said “we appreciate Soroptimist SIGBI for their kind cash donation to Hope Spring water, to further enhance our water poverty alleviation, education and ending period poverty projects in Africa”. He added “we also appreciate their work towards women empowerment and education across the world”.

Hope Spring is Open to partnerships with like minded organisations, we would gladly accept to talk to your group if invited. To invite us for a discussion in your group meeting contact us here

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