Cristian Patiño getting ready for Marathon de Guayaquil

Cristian Patiño getting ready for Marathon de Guayaquil

Hope Spring Water is pleased to announce that Ecuadorian international athlete, Cristian Patiño is to run Marathon de Guayaquil in Ecuador, to support their cause and raise funds, in October 2018. Cristian Patiño, 34 is a versatile athlete started his journey into international competition at the age of 7, when he first represented his region, Azuay.
He went on to represent Azuay for more than 20 years. He represented his country, Ecuador for more than a decade.

As well as being a successful international athlete, Cristian Patiño has a number of degrees, including a postgraduate degree in sustainable development. He works for a company that specialises in environmental data management. The combination of his educational and professional background gave Christian a unique insight into water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) related issues.

Asked why he is running a marathon to support Hope Spring Water, Cristian Patiño said :

“My background in sustainable development made me aware of the environmental and social issues surrounding developing countries, especially the ones in Africa. Running for a charity that alleviate water poverty in Nigeria is not just motivating, but an honour. I will be running every single mile, thinking that I am contributing in a little way, to alleviate one of the most difficult problems facing humanity: water poverty.”

You can read more about Cristian Patiño on this page. You can sponsor him, by making a donation one his fundraising page, which can be found here.

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