We are happy to partner with Haske Foundation the second time in 2020. This time around, they are working with us to provide clean water to Eziama community. However, this wouldn’t be possible without Dr Daniel Ugwu and his team who brought to our attention the plight of the community.

Water scarcity situation in Eziama community

Woman fermenting cassava dough in Eziama river

Eziama community is located in Nkanu East LGA Enugu State. It is made up of 4 villages with about 2000 population mostly women, children and the aged. This community lack access to safe drinking water, their main source of water is a river called Idodo

The condition of this community is vulnerable to an extent that only a few privileged homes have well in their compound which is not accessible to outsiders. Older women who could not go to the river to fetch gave money to the young motorcyclist to fetch for them from a contaminated water source.

The same river that served all their purposes is the same water some villagers use in fermenting cassava which causes greater health challenges to the community with no functional health centre.

What we wish to achieve in Eziama community

This community is prone to greater health risk, to improve their living condition and health as regards water Hope Spring in partnership with Haske Foundation will be building a borehole for this community to alleviate water poverty, reduce the miles women and children walk daily to get water and reduce water-related illnesses.

Would you like to partner with us?

Do you love to partake in our water alleviation projects, you can get involved as an individual or an organization by giving a small village a well or a borehole to a water lacking community. Every token matter, Please do contact us


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