Students of Jalala Secondary School Ilorin

Students of Jalala Secondary School Ilorin

At a workshop on sanitation and hygiene, held at Jalala school by Hope Spring Water, on February 2019. It was revealed to the water, sanitation and hygiene advocates running the workshop, that one of the biggest challenges faced by the school is lack of water on the school premises.

Not having water in school, is not unique to Jalala secondary school. According to recent WASH-in-School report by United Nations, about 50% of Nigerian schools lack improved water services while 49% of schools in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, do not have clean water in their premises.

The task of raising money, to build a borehole for the children of Jalala school, was taken up by Hope Spring director, and resident of Ilorin Mr Mubarak Oladosu. Who launched a fundraising campaign on LaunchGood , to help raise money to build a borehole and a toilet for the children of this deprived school.

So far the fundraising campaign has raised just over $400, with about 20 days to go before the close of the campaign. Mr Daud Adebayo, a Hope Spring volunteer, working closely with Mr Oladosu to promote the fundraising campaign said “we thank all those who donated to the fundraising campaigns, we still have some way to go before we achieve our target”. He urged people who are yet to donate to the campaign to visit the campaign page, which can be found here,!/ to make a donation.

Mr Daud and other Hope Spring Water volunteer in Ilorin, will project manage and help construct a borehole and a toilet for Jalala school, once enough money to hire required equipment and expertise is reached.

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