Hope Spring Water started an ecards website, as a fundraiser a few of months ago. The new ecards site has been a successful fundraiser ever since. The site has had thousands of visitors since it went online, which most of them sending an ecard and making a donation to Hope Spring Water.
Hope Spring ecards website is arranged into different categories and niches. Some of the popular categories include thank you ecards, birthday ecards and the most recent and latest addition; Christmas 2017 ecards range.

Birthday ecards is a hit

Popular Hope Spring birthday ecard

Popular Hope Spring birthday ecard

Since Hope Spring ecards site went online, the birthday range has been the most popular. Out of the cards sent by users of the birthday ecard section, ecard number 7, picture of a Jack Russel wearing a pair of oversized glasses, standing in front of a birthday cake is the most frequently sent ecard.

Christmas 2017 ecard range

With Christmas 2017 around the corner, Hope Spring ecards has added a range of festive ecards to its line of Christmas ecards. Over twenty new festive cards was added to the category, giving people seeking to send Christmas greetings cards to their friends, family and colleague a lot to choose from.

The Christmas ecards range includes traditional Christmas imagery, such as a robin redbreast on snow, Father Christmas with his reindeer and sledge and many other classic Christmas card scenes. Hope Springe ecards, Christmas 2017 ecard range is available until the second of January 2017.

Sending a Christmas ecard on Hope Spring platform will get your Christmas greetings to your contacts instantly, while helping to fund clean water projects in Africa. To find out more about Hope Spring Christmas 2017 ecards, visit Hope Spring Christmas ecards page.

Hope Spring ecards is for small businesses too

Many businesses, especially small businesses use charity Christmas ecards platform, to send Christmas greetings. Hope Spring ecards now has a section for businesses: Corporate Christmas ecards section. The businesses Charity ecards section provide a customisation and personalisation services, that ensures that companies using Hope Spring corporate Christmas ecard get their corporate identity into their ecards.

Sending a charity corporate Christmas card, is a good and effective way for an company to enhance its corporate social responsibility (CRS). It is also a great way for a company to reduce its carbon footprint.

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